Songs of Nature


HAST heard the lilting tune
Of songs beneath the moon,
The songs with which the dumb things all resound?
The hills that reach the sky
Are singing where they lie;
And breezes chant their anthems o’er the airy moonlit ground.

Hast heard the muted roar
Of shingle on the shore,
The ceaseless surge and falling of the sea?
The caves with booming notes
Deep muffled in their throats
Make background diapason with their thundered harmony.

Hast heard the curlew call
Beyond the seaward wall
Its broken cry so plaintive in the night?
When daytime’s sounds are stilled
All heaven’s realm is filled
With music sweet and thrilling in the crystal starry light.

Hast heard the murmuring stream,
As lovely as a dream,
Croon lullabies as sad as they are sweet?
The lordly river flows
As wide and deep it grows
With slow majestic solemn notes to make the choir complete.

Hast heard the woodland leaves
Where moonlight lacework weaves
Soft rustling in the lovely sylvan glades?
The might trunks of trees
With subtle harmonies
Make rich and glorious music swell through all the trembling shades.

Hast heard the silvered mere
Sing lyrics sweet and clear,
Where on its breast the water-lilies swoon?
The world with rhythm swings,
The world contented sings —
Ah, wond’rous are all nature’s songs beneath the smiling moon!