Now Sundays are of all days set apart
For strolling on the promenade in twos;
Each loving swain is hooked to his sweetheart,
And others are content to pick and choose.

The fellows eye the girls and make remarks
Intended to be heard by all concerned:
While maidens giggle shyly, call them “Sharks!”
Yet eager for their lessons to be learned.

Now George knows, I admit, a thing or two;
He wastes no time merely upon one maid;
With courage that is often hid from view
On three girls are his attentions displayed.

To-day he walked the front with full three;
With Ethel tall and dark, and shorter May;
And with them he had corpulent Mary;
I wonder what he found to them to say!

There are some chaps who feel they cannot bind
Affections to a single girl in case
Things will get out of hand, and the he’ll find
That wedlock is the state that he must face.