The Gay Caballero


There once was a gay caballero
Whose fortunes descended to zero;
He went to the bank
To replenish his tank
But the manager glowered like Nero
And curtly refused our young hero.

He met a fair young Senorita,
He’d never met anything sweeter.
He started to woo
To see what she could do
To make his finances completer,
And save him from ruin and Peter.

He called her his darling, his honey,
When he found she had plenty of money.
But her father, the swine,
Quickly smelt his design,
Which didn’t to him seem so funny,
And made him reach out for his gunny.

And so our gay young caballero,
Who much the revolver did fear-o,
Whispered, “Darling, elope;
“For we haven’t a hope
Of getting Pappa to agree-o,
For he’s a hard nut ‘neath his sombrero”.

And so they arranged clandestinely
To escape where they could live divinely;
But Pappa was a man
Who could spoil any plan;
So smiling a grimace malignly
He picked off the pair very finely.

The man in the moon seemed to sneer-o
As he gazed on the youth and his dear, oh!
For it was by his light
That her father had sight
To let off his long carbinero
At his lass and the gay caballero.

Then Pappa raised his pistol much higher
And in anguish he oped rapid fire
At the face of the moon
On this sad night of June,
And then he did gently expire
After leaving his wealth to the squire.