The Toy Cannon


I smile to think of Jimmy Sharpe
Who lives just down our street
He had a cannon quite as big
As one of old Crowe’s feet.

He said one day he’d have a go
At making it shoot shot.
We laid our plans most secretly,
Like the Gunpowder Plot.

We placed the cannon on the ground
Resting against a wall,
And down the muzzle rammed the short
Into a cannon ball.

We all stood off a little way,
Thinking it such fun,
While Jimmy showed the ins and outs
Of how the deed was done.

We were to get behind the wall
While Jimmy plied the spark,
And if the thing did not go fizz
‘Twould be a merry lark.

The time had come, the hour was nigh,
We gained our vantage point,
The match applied, then James in flight
Our little party joined.

He hurtled in the midst of us,
Groaning as if in pain,
While little bits of metal hot
Were falling round like rain.

Poor James was not at school all week,
We knew the reason why;
He never will cannons shoot
When all the pieces fly!