Th’oul Bachelor


I’m an oul’ bachelor, studdy and staid,
Studdy I am, an’ studdy I’ll be;
All may accounts at the week-end is paid,
Thrifty I am, thrifty I’ll be;
Not to my tas’e is life’s giddy dance;
Careful’s my motter, I don’t take a chance!

I’m an oul’ bachelor, solemn and grave,
Solemn I am, solemn I’ll be;
Never delights or amusements I crave,
Stolid I am, stolid I’ll be;
Young ones may chunter, give children their fling,
My pipe is my music! Let other ones sing!

I’m an oul’ bachelor, lonely and grey,
Lonely I am, and lonely I’ll be;
No one will bother to beckon my way,
Single I am, single I’ll be;
Sometimes I’m thinkin’ I’d like jus’ a smile,
For I’ll only be here now for jus’ a lil’ while!