Castle Rushen


OH, it is a castle ancient and its grim and rugged pile
Has known a hundred battles fought where now the waters smile;
And though it stand there silent for its hectic day is done,
It owns a simple majesty as it shines in setting sun;
And the glory of the ages will never be forgot
Till it lies a heap of rubble and the castle walls are not!
Even then its brooding glamour, almost lost in ancient lore,
May return to quicken hearts as it quickened them of yore.
May, until the very earth of which the keep is part
Returns unto the bosom of the world which falls apart,
Will the grim old bastions tremble at the finish of the years,
Without mourning, without sobbing, without wailing, without tears;
And the planets and the sun and moon will all dissolve in space,
And hearts will quit their longing, and tears will leave no trace.

Oh, ‘twas once a rugged stronghold in a past in distant time,
And stood for the splendour that was once in Mona’s clime;
When foreigners invaded her to take an easy prize,
She kept them back from off the shores who now the years defies,
And answered quick and terrible to all they flung at her,
And stood supreme and powerful, a worthy conqueror.
But where she frowns in armour grey of strong and sturdy lime
She is a mighty monument to sacrifice sublime,
And sleeps among the sleepers waiting for the end of time.

6. 2. 1928