Collegia – Ode 31: Accents


(With apologies to John Masefield)

QUINN came in from Newcastle and some from far Carlisle,
Travelling down to London from hilly counties north,
With such words as gradely,
Nut moy, why aye,
Nowt and Bladon Races, Yarkshire pooding, buns and brorth.

Stately King from Truro, others from the Scillies,
Travelled up to London from counties west and south,
With a mouthful of Devon
And Cornish accents,
Jest and ef and desmal, and other sounds uncouth.

Thirty London Cockneys, near enough for day boys,
Travel to the College by bus and Underground,
With a fine crop of bisons,
Pipers and cor lummies,
Aitches dropped and rhyming slang, and vowels round.

1. 3. 1928