Collegia – Ode 36: Study


THE sun will shine, and yet the rain may pour;
The stream swift run, yet still backwaters creep.
Thus though Jim Webber ploughs through Chem,
And Toyne sits with a far-off dreamy look,
Lost amid worlds of science so abstract
That e’en the mighty brain he things he has
Cannot e’en hope to grasp one little bit;
And while Nick Carter, he of flaming pate,
Whose rich bass voice oft breaks the calm of morn,
While he whose craggy face bedims the sun,
Wrestles with stubborn maths which, like mute mules,
Budges no whit to his cajoleries;
Thus, though with them in Sci. my lot is cast,
And I, like them, at some predestined time
Must prove to my examiners my worth,
I sit and read – but what? Why, poetry!

17. 3. 1928