Good Friday


Yet still one more Good Friday dawns! ‘Tis fair,
That is the striking fact, ‘tis bright and clear;
No fairer morn I’ve seen, I do declare’
‘Tis brightest of the mornings of the year!
I rose and dressed, anon a lusty cheer
Burst from my lips, but then a muttered oath
For I was shaving and the blade too near
Unto my skin for comfort slipp’d: full wroth
I was, but with great care I then removed the growth.

Oh, Harry, Arthur and I reached at last
Our destination by the waterfall,
A little village where life was not fast
But slow and sleepy; charming, though, withal.
Here spent the day and night till hours were small
In bun-fight, concert, chairman fast asleep,
Then in the moonlight feeling youth’s own call,
Till off in couples all the youth did creep,
When o’er Barrule’s dark shoulder glimm’ring dawn did peep.

6. 4. 1928.