Padjer (Prayer)


I set by meself in the outhouse
A-chewin’ a long birra straw;
An’ the averin’s drawin’ in mighty,
So wharram I settin’ here for?

The hens is asleep in the henhouse,
The rooster hev finished his craw;
So quy am I settin’ an’ dreamin’,
An’ chewin’ a long birra straw?

The pigs is asleep in the pigsty,
The hosses is all in an’ fed;
Th’oul folks is quate in the farmhouse,
An’ good Christian folks is in bed.

The averin’s drawin’ in chilly,
The straw it is dampish an’ coul’;
They call me a wanderin’ Willie
For me j’ints is rheumatic an’ oul”.

I’m all by meself in the outhouse,
Theer’s nawthin’ to do but to bed;
But I’m settin’ on here lek a gommag;
What boghned is this in me head?

The dogs in the kennels is dramin’,
Asnoorin’ an’ whinin’ an’ all;
The cows is a-quately munchin’,
An’ avary wan in her stall.

Bu’ I’m thinkin’ away to meself lek,
Of what the oul’ passon did say,
As them tharris wantin’ a blessin’
Hev only to kneel down an’ pray.

But I’ve knelt an’ I’ve prayed for a fortnit,
A fortnit it is to a day,
But th’oul meer is dead an’ I’m wondherin?
What blesin’ came avar my way.

Aw, they say theer’s a Gawd up in H’aven –
An’ me bones in rheumatic an’ oul’,
An’ I hope tha’ I’ll be forgiven
For settin’ out here in the coul’.

So I’ll be up an’ be off to the attic
An’ sleep till the rooster ‘ill prowl;
An’ though the oul meer is gorn from me,
I’ll pray for the good o’ me sowl!

(Second Prize in Yn Chruinnaght, 1929)

10. 3. 1928