The Unchanging Earth


ONCE, when all was young, I came
Upon the earth.
Found that all things were the same,
From birth
Till death!

Old men saw I at a glance
In the young world;
Youthful ones did sport and prance
And whirled
And skirled.

Silken lashes veiled dark eyes,
Fair woman’s art;
Ardent males fought for the prize,
Then did depart
From the mart.

Music played and music swelled
Just the same;
Vows were broken, lightly held,
And lame
Was shame.

Wars were fought and fought until
Somebody won;
Men their comrades light did kill,
His son.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Still returned;
Hot desire and flaming lust
Then burned

Even then they knew the greed
Of the red gold;
Ambition led and paid no heed
To old
And cold.

I felt my eyes grow hot with tears.
Can God allow?
The same will be ten thousand years
From now
I vow!

31. 1. 1928