Ye Desparynge Studente


(Apologies to Mr. William Walshe)

Distracted with care
For ye Chocolate Eclayre
Since nothing could brook him
Ye Studente betook him,
Resolve in Despayre
No longer to languishe
Nor bear soe much anguishe,
And mad with his Wishe
To ye Tuckeshoppe he ran,
Where beyond all ye Crushe
Were ye cravynges of Man.

When in joy he cam there,
Beholdynge ye Crowde,
Pushynge, shovynge, his Care
Seemed with more Ease endowed;
His Tormente projectynge,
And sadly reflectynge
That ye Chocolate once bravèd
Is gone evermore,
But ye Coinne once savèd
May lead to ye Score;
And that he could feede
At One of ye Clocke;
So he tooke no more Heede
Of ye Shoppe with ye Tucke,
How grievous soever
Ye Tormente might growe,
He scorned to endeavoure
To finish yt soe;
But bolde, unconcerned
At thoughts of ye Payne,
Though ye Coinne hotte burned
Yt war there to his Gayne;
Soe he slowlye returned
To ye Librarye agayne!

3. 11. 1927