Collegia – Ode 53: Crystal


Blue are thy delicate veins,
Cream-white thy skin,
Old rose thy laughing lips –
It were a sin
Not to put in
Brown are thy dancing eyes,
Red the sweet flush of surprise,
Pink the coy ear-tips
Raven locks cluster!
‘Tis thy power to muster
Beauty as proud as Spain’s
Famed senoritas!
Pearl-white thy castlements,
Crimson in their battlements,
Fragrant with all the scents,
White margueritas!
Drooping black lashes brush
Cheek where the maiden blush
Ivory crimson stains –
Tilt thy young chin,
Column of purest snow
Rises from there below,
Curved in a serpentine bow,
Graceful and wan,
‘Tis that of the swan!
A blaze of sweet colour,
No rainbow is fuller;
My Crystal, you knew well
To pick sucha name,
I’ve kissed all, my Jewel,
Now treat me the same!

1. 3. 29.