Collegia – Ode 55: Molly


I often wonder about Molly,
For when I see her smile
I don’t know if it’s at me or my folly,
For all her ways beguile.
She has two tiny dimples in her cheeks,
Her mouth is most demure;
And yet her eyes are green, are green as leeks –
I doubt if she is pure.
Her hair is curly with a reddish tinge,
Her skin is like rich cream.
She dares all males approach within the fringe
And then pretends a scream
She utters not, but with contemptuous stare
Confounds all clumsiness.
Her small white teeth by upper lip laid bare
Perfect her loveliness.
I often wonder about Molly,
Her Mona Lisa smile
Is most akin to melancholy,
A secret feminine wile.

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