Collegia – Ode 58: Dayspring


A cold yellow fog, and a college grey
Asleep in the fog, and no sound to disturb
The cold dank air of morning; her no birds
Herald the doming day, but hark! a loud
And raucous noise bursts through the sleeping horde,
A harsh incessant clanging through the halls
One moment since in quiet, sleep, and fog;
And a loud banging and a heavy foot,
And knocks on doors, and then the boist’rous shout
“7-15, gentlemen, please!” goes echoing wide,
Down the long corridors of the waking world;
Sudden as it began the tumult dies,
And peacefulness and calm take up the reins,
Student and student turn beneath the sheets
And give another gentle snore; but not
For long this is; anon, the bell again
Sends forth its summons but is yet ignored,
Junior mayhap will rise, but Senior sleeps.
Again more urgent in its rattling throat
The bell sends forth its summons to awake,
And keeps its tongue in motion till the gates
Have clanged together for the final time
And locked; then breakfast fills the air, and mouths
Work steadily, and up the long long hall
Walks he unto his punishment the man
Who thought to hold Pa Time to wait for him.

4. 3. 29