Collegia – Ode 60: Lucid or Lurid?


A Lurid Speaker! O most excellent man
That shocked the grave susceptibilities
Of stiff-necked tutor and prim scholar clan,
Causing the local preachers dire unease!
Thou wert a man of whom this Coll has need,
A man to speak out bold and true, nor scorn
To use free language; one who paid no heed
To ruling pedagogues. With thy strong horn,
Thy ringing trumpet, thou scatteredst their creed
Like a great wind that blows the smoke forlorn;
They, like the smoke, as little power to ban
The tumult of thy raging orat-ries.
Not lurid? Lucid! – That a bad-cut ‘C’
Should vest a lucid man with mystery!

Sixty-Second Sonnet
6. 3. 29