Collegia – Ode 70: Livid Limericks


I know that fellow named Hancock
Went to visit some people at Bangkok,
When offering him port
They said, “Be a sport,
“Drink hock, it is cheap!” so he drank hock.

His name it is Richard Eelthing,
And he doesn’t know any real thing;
His source of delight
Is to take out at night
That simpering Jenny Steele thing.

Our carrot-haired cherished Sam Mayo
Went on a trip to Bulawayo,
But Rhodesia did roast,
So he swam from the coast,
To an atoll and there grew cacao.

There once was a fellow named Heppell
Who wandered the mountains of Keppell,
He got lost in the mist
So thick it did twist
His brain, so in that he’s a creppell.

15. 3. 29