Collegia – Ode 88: Of One Remembered Wistfully


She walked to chapel in the eventide
And they that saw her go spoke thus aloud:
“She always walks alone for she is proud
And looks nor left nor right in all her pride.

“She cannot see the looks of those around
Or else she heeds them not; she makes no sign
Of having heard them speak, but with divine
And calm assurance treads her native ground.”

And thus she goes alone upon her way
To worship in the chapel up the road;
No glance upon her fellow-men bestowed
Nor on the glories of the dying day.

For all that I may boast my heart is free
And still unwounded by young Cupid’s dart,
Yet deep the hope lies in my careless heart
That she is thinking tenderly of me!

9. 11. 30