If stars were gold dust sprinkled on a bed
Of purple velvet, and the moon a disc
Of pure white ivory, and the glorious sun
A brilliant topaz in the gentle morn,
A blazing diamond at noon, at eve
A ruby set in silks of gorgeous hue,
Not all the vast accumulated wealth
Of this our world could purchase one small part!
Yet not a thought however slight from me
Would play a second time about their worth,
And not a penny-piece for all of it
Would I afford; but I would feel no joy
In living things, and life would lose its zest,
Unless the stars were twinkling worlds apart
From me in the vast distant vaults of space,
Unless the moon was radiant and afar,
Unless the sun was vapour blazing white,
And the blue sky a yawning emptiness
Reaching into the boundless deeps; and all
Were part of some divine and secret plan,
The offspring of some great creator’s mind.

4. 3. 29