We Two


Upon the warm brown rocks where we
sat watching silver spary,
Where sea-gulls wheeled and breezes blew
a golden sun-beam lay;
And we sat there, nor spake one word
throughout that glorious day.

The breeze was soft, the air was mild,
and we were happy then;
In silence sat, nor moved nor sighed,
away from life and men;
The world was a thing we could forget
and never enter again.

Out on the waves a fishing boat,
the sunlight on its sail!
The sky was blue, the sea was blue
save for one golden trail;
All things were beautiful to me,
but beautiful and frail!

You slowly turned your lovely head,
your burning eyes sought mine;
You spake no thought by word of lip,
yet my eyes answered thine;
We flung aside the common sounds,
looks were our only sign!

Upon the warm brown rocks at length
the sunlight turned to red;
Across the lapping wavelets far
the sun was going to bed;
You looked unreal, a halo played
about your angel head!

I have been there full many a time
since on the rock sat we;
The air is mild, but summer calm
spells loneliness to me;
Now you are gone I stare alone
across the mourning sea!

24. 2. 29